Azure Databricks SDK Python

Release v0.0.2. (Installation)

azure-databricks-sdk-python is a Python SDK for the Azure Databricks REST API 2.0.

Easily, perform all the operations as if on the Databricks UI:

from azure_databricks_sdk_python import Client
from azure_databricks_sdk_python.types.clusters import AutoScale, ClusterAttributes

client = Client(databricks_instance="<instance>", personal_access_token="<token>")
spark_conf = {'spark.speculation': True}
autoscale = AutoScale(min_workers=0, max_workers=1)
attributes = ClusterAttributes(cluster_name="my-cluster",
created = client.clusters.create(attributes)

Beloved Features

azure-databricks-sdk-python is ready for your use-case:

  • Clear standard to access to APIs.
  • Contains custom types for the API results and requests.
  • Support for Personal Access token authentification.
  • Support for Azure AD authentification.
  • Support for the use of Azure AD service principals.
  • Allows free-style API calls with a force mode -(bypass types validation).
  • Error handeling and proxy support.

Officially supports 3.6+, and runs great on PyPy.

The API Documentation

If you are looking for information on a specific function, class, or method, this part of the documentation is for you.


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